Any modifications made to these cannons that allow you to shoot projectiles which are unlawful by your local municipality are not recommended by Spud Gun Extreme.

 Spud Gun Extreme does not accept responsibility for injury or death as a result of misuse or negligence when using or constructing the combustion or pneumatic cannon. Misuse or negligence includes but is not limited to the following: using products other than schedule 40 PVC, using parts not rated for pressure when constructing the pneumatic or combustion cannon (See FAQ’s), damaging the surface of the cannon which weakens the cannon’s tensile strength, exposing the PVC to Sun light, modifying the cannon in any way, using extremely combustible fuel types (for example: lighter fluid, gun powder, Starter fluid; etc.), pressuring the pneumatic cannon past 80psi, using the cannon in an unsafe manner, using the cannon in public areas, being careless, and not maintaining due diligence when handling or operating cannons.  

Using products other than their intended use, such as: sprinkler valves, pvc, or pneumatic devices, is not recommended by their manufacturers and retains some inherent risk. Spud Gun Extreme is disclosing the use of these products in the designing and construction of the items offered for sale on this site.   A buyer assumes all responsibility, and does not hold Spud Gun Extreme responsible for the use of these products.  Spud Gun Extreme assumes no responsibility for the failure of these products, even in the event of the product's failure which could result in injury or death.

The pneumatic cannon should only be fired with safety at the fore front of everyone’s mind and should be fired with a responsible adult present.  In no way, shape, or form do we condone firing the cannon at people or animals. These cannons are designed for recreational purposes only.