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Your one stop shop for plans for cannons. Spud Gun Extreme has been providing you with spud gun solutions since 2007.

Products Video:

Spud Gun Products VideoCheck out some of the products we offer on our website before you purchase.

August 16, 2009

CO2 T-Shirt Cannon Video:

CO2 T-Shirt Cannon VideoThis cannon allows you to launch t-shirts wherever and whenever you want.

September 16, 2008

Pneumatic T-shirt Cannon Video:

Pneumatic T-Shirt Cannon VideoSee the Pneumatic T-Shirt cannon operate before you purchase.

February 12, 2007


Pneumatic T-Shirt CannonFrom young children to grown adults, there has always been an innate desire to build things and shoot things - Spud Gun Extreme, LLC can help you achieve both. We provide you the opportunity to not only purchase a spud gun or t-shirt cannon, but also make it possible to build one yourself. Think of the thrill of assembling your own spud gun that launches a golf ball over 400 yards! Even Tiger Woods will have trouble keeping up with you.

Spud guns, potato cannons, t-shirt cannons and launchers, or spud gun plans, whether they be pneumatic or combustion, can be easily accessorized to accommodate other projectiles such as making a launcher for blasting tee shirts, showering confetti, or launching beads into a shouting crowd of fans at sporting and other events are just a few ideas. Your imagination is your only limit.


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