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Here you can see the photos and videos of unique cannon throughout the Spudding World.


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Cyber Master - Cris Cruden

Spud Cadet - Tattoo Angus

Cobra Striker 5X - Ryan Avans

Car Cannon - Darrin Morast

Cobra Venom Hybrid Cannon - Ryan Avans

.50 cal. Pellet Rifle - SGE Nick Benigni

Pumkin Chuking On Thanksgiving

EA25PAC - Alex Neiman

Products Video - SGE

Pneumatic T Shirt Cannon Video - SGE

CO2 T-Shirt Cannon Video - SGE

Pneumatic T-Shirt Cannon Video - Ozark Mountain Screen Printing

Awesome T-Shirt Cannon Video

Pneumatic T-Shirt Cannon - MJ Morning Show

Piston Valve Pneumatic Cannon - Cameron Dey

SG Vengence - Cameron Dey

Pneumatic Piston Valve Cannon - Cris St. John

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Photo Gallery

Check out some of the cannons, we and others have put together. We all take pride in things we build. Here is an opportunity to show them off.

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Cyber Master

Cris Cruden



Here is a sweet looking cannon using aluminum and Schedule 80 PVC. Click on the photos to view larger version.

"It took 3 or 4 months to make from mostly sch. 80-40 gray PVC, brass and  steel fittings. The the light gray 3'' x 41/2' barrel is CPVC good for 20oz soda bottles!!  there are other attachments for it, including a 5'+, bolt action golf ball barrel. The gun has a 27v electrical system to operate the 1/4'' solenoid valve which pilots the 11/2'' iritrol sprinkler valve.

Send Chris Cruden an email by clicking on his name.

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Spud Cadet

Tattoo Angus

This film has been modified from its original due to the graphic content and strong language.

This cannon is tiny, but powerful. Have fun shooting it like the guys from Tattoo Angus are in their studio. Although Spud Gun Extreme, LLC cannot condone the actions or the graphic nature of the content of this video, you can see how easy and fun it is to use.

If you would like to know more about Spud Cadet, click here. You can also send an email to Contact Us.

For more information from the guys at Tatoo Angus, click here

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Cobra Striker 5X Hybrid Cannon

Ryan Avans

Click on the picture to view video on YouTube.

This video contains strong language.


This is Not just another cannon

To see other cannons designed by Ryan, click here

Ryan Avans R.A. Drafting and Design, LLC.

Send Ryan an email by clicking on his name.

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Car Cannon

Darrin Morast




Check out this innovative way to launch T-Shirts. American ingenuity at its finest!

The gun’s air chamber is 3” PVC.  The valve is a sprinkler valve. The valve is hooked to (3) 9 volt batteries wired in series. That is wired to a push button switch mounted on the gun. The barrel is 2” PVC.  All the PVC is Schedule 40. The CO2 container is from a pop machine.  It has a regulator on it and we set it at 125 PSI. I put a ball valve on the gun to turn off the CO2 from the tank and also mounted an air gauge on it to keep track of the air pressure.  We got the shirts to shoot about 250 ft.   The out side of the cannon was made to look like a 50 caliber machine gun. It is made from MDF and painted camo like the car.

If you like what they have done, show some support by sending them an email. To send them an email simply click on the link below. The rest is done for you.

Send Email

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Cobra Venom Hybrid Cannon

Ryan Avans


 Due to language purposes we will not play the video from our site. you can view the video by clicking on the picture above. Thank you for understanding. This is a family friendly site.



Not just another cannon


This rifle is currently being tested. So far at 115PSI it has surpassed my every expectation launching a 50 cal. slug through just about anything you want to shoot. A dot scope will be added for further testing.

The barrel is a brass/copper barrel sleeved with PVC. There is a 115PSI blow off valve for safety, and a Schrader valve for easily filling the cannon. This gun also offers you the option to have a continuous feed from a compressor, or have the CO2 package added.

Please inquire below with any questions.


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Pumpkin Chucking on Thanksgiving


These are not toys...but you can still have fun. Do not do this at home, but your mother-inlaws minivan...that is another story.

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Alex Neiman

This fine pneumatic potato cannon is the work of Alex Neiman. He combines multiple designs to come up with his superb cannon EA25PAC. What a great effort.

To finish the cannon, Alex says he wants to paint and add cool decals to his spud gun.

Alex Neiman has put a lot of thought and work into his design. If you would like to ask Alex some questions about his instrument of mayhem, send him an email by clicking on his name above.

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Product Video



To view video in official page, click here.

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Pneumatic T-Shirt Cannon Video



To view video in official page, click here.

Multiple Shot, Pressure Regulated, Pneumatic T-Shirt Cannon.

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CO2 T-Shirt Cannon Video



To view video in official page, click here.

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Pneumatic T-Shirt Cannon

Ozark Mountain Screen Printing


Special thanks to Doug Cook for making my T-shirts and Hats. Check out the hats in the product section.

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Awesome T-Shirt Cannon Video

Found On YouTube


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Pneumatic T-Shirt Cannon

MJ Morning Show

MJ from the MJ Morning Show holding their new custom T-Shirt Cannon built by Spud Gun Extreme.



I was fortunate enough to spend the morning with the MJ Morning Show. I met MJ, Uncle Fester, Froggy, Ryan C-Crust and, and Joey B. Ryan and MJ both shot them through the roof tiles.

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SG Vengence

Cameron Dey


Anyone with a little imagination can modify their Spud Gun Extreme cannon to best suit their needs.

Cameron Dey's S.G.E Replica...the "SG Vengeance"!

This Spud Gun is a multi-faceted cannon which shoots a variety of different ammunition. He did a great job on his camouflage paint job. You can email him by clicking his name below.

Cameron Dey

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Pneumatic Piston Valve Cannon

Cameron Dey


Cameron shooting his new piston valve golf ball cannon through wood.


Cameron Dey was recognized by Instructables for his achievements.

View more of Cameron's work on a topic he knows so very well -Spud Guns -by clicking on the cannon below. Key words "400 Yards."

You can email him by clicking his name below.

Cameron Dey

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Pneumatic Piston Valve Cannon

Chris St. John


The porting is 1.5" in diameter, since you can't actually see down the barrel in these pictures.  The piston is made of a shampoo bottle cut in half and then filled with hot glue.  It's fully serviceable; the chamber, the piston housing, the piston, and the pilot valve are all accessible and replaceable without having to replace anything else with it.  The air chamber can actual be increased in size if necessary, since the threaded cap out the front could be replaced with a much longer pipe.  For now, the threads on the barrel allow me to shoot anything else until I work out the net attachment (like the 150 golf balls I scrounged from outside the shooting range one afternoon, freebie!).  Oh, and the flame decals increase the muzzle velocity substantially.  Enjoy.  I sure do.

(Chris used a PPCTACG001 in the construction of his new cannon.)




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